sally piano musicSally Kafaei – President 

Sally Kafaei is an accomplished musician and the founder of Sally Piano Music, a large independent music studio in  Southern California.  She teaches piano,music theory, and basic composition to children ages 3 and up and adults at all skill levels, from beginners playing for enjoyment to aspiring professional musicians. Sally graduated from  Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Piano Performance and Education. She has taught over 300 children the past 17 years. Her passion for music encourages her young students to explore their creativity and have fun! Sally Piano Music provides a supportive atmosphere for kids of all ages to learn music with the most creative and highly-qualified instructors all over San Diego, Orange County and Coachella Valley.

Del Mar Music lessonsElias S – Piano , Guitar & Music composition

Elias is a pianist and film composer. He has been playing piano and composing music since the age of eight. He trained under Dr. Chris Durrenberger at Wittenberg University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance. Since graduating, Elias has been composing music for films and TV and teaching piano and composition lessons in San Diego. Elias believes in a well-rounded approach to teaching music, with an emphasis on music theory, proper technique, ear training, and improvisation. He is passionate about creating a positive environment where students are motivated to learn and grow as musicians. 

San Diego guitar teacher Kent B – Guitar & Ukulele Instructor 

Kent has taught a wide variety of guitar styles, from folk music to classical and pop. In addition to private lessons, he has taught workshops at the San Diego Folk Heritage and the San Diego Ukulele festivals, as well as the Museum Charter School, Chula Vista Elementary, and even children as young as Headstart aged. A specialty is fingerstyle Hawaiian music on guitar and ukulele. In addition to performing himself, he has played on stage at multiple theater productions including shows at the Lyceum Theatre and Lamb’s Players, and contributed words or music to more than a dozen different companies and shows. He holds a BA in Music Composition from Whitman College in sunny Walla Walla, Washington.

Carmel Valley Vocal coach Salli M – Piano & Voice Instructor 

From Northern California, Salli ended up as lead singer for a house band in Richmond, California performing Jazz, R&B and pop music. In Oakland, she had the privilege to be a 3-year student of Judy Davis. Judy was a well-known vocal teacher among the famous from Sinatra to Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day.
In 2006, she graduated with honors in music from San Diego State University. For 8 years she was the lead singer of a smooth jazz band and they performed throughout Encinitas and San Diego County. Currently she is a featured singer for Thousand Eyes band and perform in Coronado. She has taught voice and piano at several music academies in Chula Vista, San Diego and Temecula. Her students have ranged in ages from 4 to 70+. She uses several methods and techniques that she has learned from her education and experience. Tailoring the lessons to fit the needs of the student is important to her. She wants her students to have fun learning. Sharing her joy and knowledge with professional and beginning students keeps her inspired and she truly loves it.

Del Mar Piano

Nathan B – Piano Instructor 

Nathan began his musical journey at the age of 5 when he began taking piano lessons.  His musicality expanded immensely when he joined the Poway High School Emerald Brigade Marching Band and discovered his love for composing.  Since then Nathan has composed music ranging from single piano pieces to full orchestra scores and continues to write in his free time today.  Currently at San Diego Mesa College he is involved in the vocal ensemble, the Applied Music Program, and volunteer tutoring. He is pursuing his Associates Degree in music  and plans to  pursue his love for music composition, hoping to one day achieve his dream of becoming a film composer.  

guitar lessons carmel valley Frank P – Guitar Instructor

At the age of 10 Frank began to play the bass guitar mimicking his favorite bands at the time with a dream of being a Rockstar. Growing up with his friend, Albert, a classically trained guitarist, he quickly taught himself how to play bass along with guitar. Together they made music and taught themselves new genres and styles beyond the punk rock and ska they grew up on in Poway, CA. Being a visual learner, Frank watched how Albert played his guitar for many years before he picked up the guitar himself and quickly learned. Alongside writing his own music, Frank has been in various bands and played with many other musicians learning new styles of playing the bass and guitar. Given his self-taught style of bass and guitar, Frank is an excellent teacher for showing beginners how to learn in their own way, at their own pace, and excel in what style or genre suits them best.

Rancho Bernardo Piano teacherJincy N – Piano & Voice Instructor 

Jincy started playing piano at age of 8, taking classical music lessons from the most acclaimed piano instructors of her hometown. Being a top student with highest grades in music theory classes along with concrete skills obtained from performative courses, resulted in comprehensive experiences for her. Shortly afterwards, She became passionately interested in music composition and started to write a few pieces for piano. Jincy has been working with young students and been watching her  students falling in love with music and following their dreams (as she always wishes).



Alicia P – Violin Instructor violin teacher carmel Valley

Alicia has been given the best of two worlds as a musician and a visual artist. Alicia is a new resident to San Diego from Savannah, Georgia. There, she was an art instructor at Georgia Southern University, Armstrong Campus in Savannah, Georgia where she taught Foundations in Art, Art Appreciation and Ceramics. She has taught beginner violin and viola to students of ages ranging from 5-50 years of age from a diverse multicultural pool since 2006.  Her foundation to her teaching lies with the Suzuki Method.  She has performed for weddings and other events all over Georgia and locations including Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida. She graduated from Georgia Southern University where she was involved in the orchestra and was the lead violist for the Magnolia String Quartet in Georgia from 2011-2012. Her passions include: art, music, traveling, dancing, teaching, and above all to help others make their visions and dreams into reality. She has traveled to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, New Orleans, New York, and lived in Savannah, Georgia before settling back in San Diego, California. 

Yaniv F – Piano, Drum, vibraphone & marimba

A native of San Diego, Yaniv participated in various music programs at a young age. After learning to play drums in elementary school, Yaniv went on to learn how to play other percussion instruments, including piano, vibraphone, and marimba. He has participated in and won various performances and in-school competitions. From these successes, he arranged at 16 for his music to be distributed to platforms such as iTunes, Napster, and Rhapsody. Following on these successes, Yaniv began composing music for short documentaries for Kawasaki and the MTV show Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. Inspired by his past successes, Yaniv remains dedicated to composing and looks forward to sharing his passion for music with his students.

carmel valley piano teacher Sherry U – Piano Instructor

Sherry has played the piano since the age of six and mixed percussion at 11, and began tutoring fellow section members before starting private lessons in both instruments.  Sherry is an honors graduate from San Diego State University, with a Bachelor’s of Science in , she spent much of her time in the San Diego State University Wind Symphony, Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Band, and South Coast Percussion Ensemble.During her time with the South Coast Percussion Ensemble, she became the Organization’s President, and participated in a multitude or duets, trios, quartets, and others. Since 2010 when she taught her first percussion lesson, Sherry has fallen in love with watching others find their love for music and strives to make every musical experience an enjoyable one.

carmel valley piano lessonsJohn R – Piano & Voice Instructor 

John has been playing piano for 23 years and teaching piano and voice to children in the San Diego area with positive results in all of his students. In 2007 he traveled with the global education and music program Up With People where he had the opportunity to perform music throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States and for events including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Tournament of Roses Parade. John has performed in several musical theater productions as both a singer and musician. He has sang in the role of Seymour for the musical Little Shop of Horrors, and used his piano abilities to play for productions of Grease and Bye Bye Birdie. John has successfully created and maintained a youth choir for children and teens at his church, focusing on tonal quality, accurate diction and performing as a group. With a solid understanding of children, he is  able to make a connection with all students that help them to understand the complexities of music. John uses relatable examples and interactive activities that exercise their creative abilities while solidifying their musical foundation. In this way, he is able to analyze the students’ abilities and tailor the lesson based on his/her ability to comprehend and create music. His goal is to explore music with others so they may develop a unique form of expression which resonates in any country while enjoying the serenity that coincides with creating music on a piano.

Rancho Santa Fe Piano teacherLina T – Piano & Violin Instructor 

Lina started studying music almost as soon as she could walk. She has been classically trained in piano since the age of 4 from various pedagogues originating from the Moscow Conservatory of Music and has completed Certificate of Merit for the instrument. She took up violin at the age of 10 after years of admiring the instrument from the audience of orchestral concerts, eventually playing in El Camino Youth Symphony, her school’s orchestra, and New Millennium Chamber Orchestra. She has performed and competed with both instruments. She taught violin, viola, and cello to elementary school students throughout her high school career in both group and private settings and has continued to teach for privately the past four years. Her teaching style puts heavy emphasis on music theory and sight reading abilities, in order to help students to become not only great performers, but great entertainers as well. Lina is working towards a B.S. in Probability and Statistics at UCSD. 

Mary J – Voice & Piano Instructor 

Mary is an Actress, Singer, Writer, Teacher, Pianist, Composer, Playwright, Director, Producer, and Novelist. She was a classically trained vocalist who specializes in Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz, and Country. Her previous voice teachers range from Opera Singers who sing pop for grammy award winning video games, to (not one but two) Phantoms from Phantom of the Opera and several others of note. She emphasizes vocal health and proper technique with her students. She started her suzuki piano training at age four and continued for twelve years after that in the same studio and during those years was recognized at many conferences and national events. Needless to say, she is classically trained, but chooses to use a variety of techniques with her piano students in order to cater to their learning style and interests, while instilling proper technique and a love of music. All of Mary’s students leave with smiles on their faces and a love, understanding, and appreciation for music.Originally from the Boston area she was an actress in Boston, New York City, and Chicago before moving to San Diego. She started her collegiate training at The Hartt School of Music Dance and Theatre and The Chicago College of Performing Arts where she studied Musical Theatre, and (due to health complications) transferred and completed her training at the University of San Diego and has degrees in Music and Theatre. She Music Directs at J Company and runs their As One Ensemble, has a private Voice, Piano, and Acting studio, and is in the process of getting a New Musical off the ground and her novels published.Mary believes in catered education; education that is crafted specifically to each person’s strengths and interests in order to fully access one’s potential and has found enormous success with her students in the past. She has helped several of her students land roles, win competitions, and get into top institutions/programs for the arts.

San Diego Voice lessonsMichiru B – Piano & Voice Instructor 

Michiru started playing piano at the age of six then started singing at the age of 16 and graduated Kunitachi college of music, Japan.
She also finished Japan Opera Foundation opera singer course which she was selected as a solo singer during the training tour in Italy.
She has performed in the opera, concerts and recitals and has been teaching piano and voice over 15 years. Michiru is an established musician who works with kids and adults all ages and all levels. She helps students learn to play and love music  and see the importance of music in their lives. 

Music teacher Point Loma

Joe C – Piano & Composition Instructor

 Joe is a composer who has been studying the piano for 20 years.  A Bachelor of Music from UCSB, for the past few years he has focused on teaching, particularly beginners and young people.  Primarily focused on classical playing, his teaching emphasizes a grounding in musicianship and a patient, flexible approach to learning the instrument. 

Piano teacher San MarcosJoanna S – Piano & Voice Instructor

Joanna has been teaching piano and voice since 1991.  Some of her students have gone to become music majors in performance and education.  She has a passion for her student’s to grow to love and appreciate every aspect of music as a language. In voice her studies as been in emphasis of children’s education Kodaly a Hungarian curriculum based on three different styles of teaching from Italy, England and France. Other studies would include  solfege, voice, piano performance, Alex. technique emphasis performance ,release and. piano studies emphasis theory. She is also certified by the state of California for Activity director. She started playing in church when she was 12 years old and started arranging some simple versions of hymns.  She has been in competitions in her junior high years and performances.  She was very involved in musicals in high school and sang in elite choirs in college.   She has written Christian Contemporary music for churches and written children’s musicals.  She also composes classical contemporary music with stories. and her plans someday to write the stories in books for expressive therapy for children, learning disabilities, dementia to learn to express more creativity and confidence in awareness of music with art and color. She also does music awareness in retirement homes.. In 1996 she wrote Christian contemporary music for a ministry and participated as one of the singers and soloists on cable t.v for a year.  She is a member Ascap and has had music on local Christian radio stations and throughout Europe. She has performed piano and voice in different areas in Riverside, San Diego and Colorado.  

Alpine music lessons

Richard D – Piano & Voice Instructor 

Richard had started teaching piano in high school before attending the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, where he received the Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Performance. .He attended the Moody Bible Institute and received the Master of Music Degree in Piano Performance from the Sherwood Conservatory of Music in Chicago. Richard had  played the piano in church and in classical concerts, including a number of piano concertos with orchestra.  He had  played concerts at Chicago’s historic Orchestra Hall and at the Cultural Center in Hong Kong, China.  Besides teaching piano, Richard has accompanied soloists and choirs, performed many concerts in churches and in solo recitals, and conducted choirs and ensembles, both vocal and instrumental. Richard wants to instill the love of music and the creativity and discipline of learning an instrument in students, whether it be the piano, voice, or another instrument.  Understanding theory and how music is designed and created is an integral part of the learning process. He  loves teaching proper technique, so that a person can make and enjoy music for a lifetime. Richard teaches children, teens, and adults.  Home-school and seniors are welcome with flexible schedules.

mira mesa piano lessonsJimmy H – Piano Instructor 

UCLA trained piano teacher. With over 25 years of experience working with young kids and adults, Dr.Jimmy H can help students find love in music and help them become a great piano player.  Dr.Jimmy H focuses on teaching the kids the right techniques and forms as well as getting them the strong foundation in music theory. He participates in the Piano Guild audition annually and enroll all his students to get certified. Jimmy has performed at Piano Recital at Amateur Pianist in San Diego and Local Artists of the International Concert Committee in Dhahran where he studied piano under Harriet Bushman* for two years.

Piano lessons Rancho BernardoLadan N – Piano Instructor 

From early years of childhood, her parents could see the amazement on my face whenever she watched someone play the piano. Ladan started taking piano lessons when she was in 4th grade. Ladan had studied her music education with two of the greatest piano instructor in Iran and  During these years, She has performed in many piano recitals in  Baran School of Piano in Tehran. After she moved to the United States, she has been fortunate enough to work with Mrs. Homa Massih and perform at Green Music recital center. All along, she had  taught the piano based on academicals methods and techniques and that is how she aims to teach the piano to her students.  

San Diego voice teacher Amy W – Voice Instructor 

Amy is a recent transplant to San Diego from New York City. She has been teaching private voice lessons for the past five years in Ohio, New York City, and San Diego. She also teaches for CYT San Diego as well as San Diego Junior Theater. Amy holds a BFA in Musical Theater. As a trained vocalist and actress, Amy has extensive knowledge of the voice, specializing in how to utilize the vocal instrument in performance. A typical lesson with Amy is fun! Students learn the anatomy of the voice, efficient breath technique, discovery of points of resonance, proper diction, and more. Amy believes in helping each and every student find their authentic, unique voice, and trains students in a variety of genres (including Jazz, Pop, Musical Theater, Classical, and Country).

Coronado Piano teacher Nicholas J – Piano Instructor 

Nicholas began playing the piano at age 5, and currently is on track for his Bachelor’s of Music in Performance at San Diego State University. Nicholas has attended the Schlern International Music Festival in 2015 and also has participated in a number of local piano competitions. He also takes an avid interest in church music, and is playing for a local church every Sunday. Nicholas has not only had a passion for performing but for teaching too. He loves to see his students progress and watch as they become immersed in the joy of music, and the joy of being able to play an instrument, which he thinks everyone should experience.

Carmel Valley music lessons

Rachael F – Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drum & Composer Instructor 

Rachael began playing piano at the age of seven, and this foundation quickly led her to learn more and more instruments – first clarinet, saxophone, and vibraphone, then acoustic and electric guitar, then drum kit and violin. In 2010 she was accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston as a piano major where she furthered her instrumental studies and developed a passion for orchestral composition and film scoring. After graduating in 2012, her work with the Chicago Symphonietta led her to Chicago where she began writing music for advertisements, including brands such as Fisher Price, Allstate, and Nintendo. In addition to ad agency work, she also composed scores for short films, one of which was recently screened at Pasadena International Film Festival and awarded Best Short Comedy at Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles. Her current passion is for drums and she enjoys seeking new styles and challenging grooves. She primarily teaches piano and enjoys working with beginners and introducing new concepts in a simple, straightforward way, and hopes to inspire a love for music in her students.

Chula Vista Music teacher Michael S – Piano, Clarinet & Saxophone 

Piano, Clarinet, and Saxophone, performer and instructor with over 27 years of experience. Hundreds of performances with the 296th Army Band in Japan, and Navy Band Southwest: tours all across Japan and the southwest region of the United States. Performing for dignitaries: diplomats, ambassadors, and high level military officials at numerous venues such as Japan’s Budokon Hall, Sapporo Snow Festival, Hiroshima, Kobe, Kure, Shimoda, American Consulate in Tijuana, Mexico, Las Vegas. Performed for President Barack Obama on the USS Carl Vinson(2011)The 60th Anniversary of the Bataan Death March in the Philippines, to name a few. Winner of numerous competitions. Paul and Lilian Petri Award Competition, Mu Phi Epsilon woodwind division, honorable mention Oregon Symphony’s Corbett Competition. Concerto performances of Claude Debussy’s “Premiere Rhapsodie” with Portland State University’s orchestra and Cavallini’s “Adagio and Tarantella” with Naval Band Southwest at the Escondido Performing Arts Center. Winner of the 2008 University of Arkansas Concerto Competition. Member of the Armed Forces woodwind quintets, show bands, Dixie and marching bands. Performances on all family of clarinets and saxophones. Classically trained pianist of 20 years, accompanies students in recital. Latin pianist for Navy Band Southwest for 2 years. Former member of the Portland Youth Philharmonic under Jacob Avshalomov, and Huw Edwards. Performances with Tito Puente Jr., Miss America 2010 Caressa Cameron, Mike Bogart Tower of Power Trumpet, Manny Cepeda Latin percussionist, Japanese Ground Self Defense Force Bands, Keith Clark conductor, Oliver Mercer Tenor, Brian Jagde Tenor. Graduate of the Armed Forces School of Music with an outgoing score of 3.2 “Outstanding”.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from: Purchase College–State University of New York (SUNY), and my Master’s Degree in Public Administration from: National University in La Jolla.

    • Currently on faculty with Sally Music, and the Chula Vista Academy of Music and Dance.
    • Clarinet Studies under: Dr. Nophatchi Cholthitchanta(University of Arkansas), Ayako Oshima (Purchase College/Juilliard), Dr. Thomas Stanford (Portland State University), Harold Vreeland (Pacific University). Master Classes: Dr. Robert Spring (Arizona State University), David Shifrin (Yale University), Charles Neidich (Juilliard)
    • Piano Studies: Jura Margulis (University of Arkansas), Daphne Spottiswoode (Purchase College–SUNY), Sarah Watkins (Purchase College), Cynthia Gerdes (Portland State University).
    • Saxophone Studies: Stan Morris (University of Arkansas)
  • Japanese Koto Studies: Yoko Kawasaki (Camp Zama, Japan)

Miramar Music lessonsMargie V – Piano & Guitar Instructor 

Margie’s teaching career began at age 7, when she gave piano lessons to her 14-year-old brother. She began teaching full-time 30 years ago. She’s had experience with all kinds of music learners, of all ages, and she develops lesson plans to spark the unique interests of her students. She enjoys doing customized arrangements, and is flexible about teaching material. Margie plays a number of other instruments in addition to piano: guitar, organ, Russian gusli, and hammer dulcimer. She studied piano, organ, conducting, and pedagogy, on 3 scholarships, at UCSB, SDSU, USD, and Shenandoah Conservatory. Margie is a life member of the national music honor society, TRI-M, having served as chapter president in high school. Currently she is an active member of the National Federation of Music Clubs, a teachers’ organization.

Rancho Bernardo music teacherKirk B – Piano, Bass & Guitar  Instructor 

Kirk’s love of music began at the age of 12, when he picked up the trombone and began playing jazz. Demonstrating talent and dedication, he was playing in advanced jazz groups and orchestras within several years, eventually playing in Utah’s Youth Symphony as 1st Trombone. Kirk transitioned to the Electric Bass in high school and continued on to Hamilton College in Clinton, New York for a Bachelors Degree in Music. There, he split his time between two jazz bands, three rock groups, and his own jazz/funk ensemble. In addition, he was a member of the student orchestra, playing on an Upright Bass. After graduating, he was accepted to Berklee College of Music and immediately involved himself in half a dozen bands, student performance projects, and regular weekly gigs throughout Boston, all while holding on to the Dean’s List academic standing and double majoring in Bass Performance and Film Scoring. After Berklee, Kirk moved to New York City where he began scoring for independent and student films. Most notable works include a composition for NPR’s “This American Life,” where he scored the nationally played trailer showcasing their live HD broadcast.
Now in San Diego, Kirk’s newest chapter in music is teaching piano and bass guitar to children and adults who are beginning their own musical journeys. Kirk’s experience as a jazz bassist and composer offers a unique perspective towards music and music theory. Without losing sight of the importance of fundamentals, Kirk encourages his students to “think off the page.” His philosophy is to inspire learners to think creatively and internalize the music, which can help not only in the understanding of music, but with critical thinking skills as well. Above all else, his naturally patient and positive personality serves to keep lessons light and always fun.

Del Mar Piano teacher Keyslayer – Piano Instructor

At age of 6, he was formally trained by his Mother, an accomplished classical pianist and teacher. During which he studied classical works including Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Debussy, Schubert, Scarlatti, Scriabin along with detailed intense technique studies including Czerny and Griefen und Begriefen. Based on passing an audition, KeySlayer studied with various piano teachers between the ages of 8 and 18 for additional attention to performance mastery, theory, composition and technique. Achieving an important 1st place win in the MTAC (Music Teachers Association of California) Sonata Contest at San Diego State University as a student of Sherman Storr was one of many results. The illustrious list of highly accomplished pianists that trained him included, Louise Robberecht, Lylian Simpson, Charles Slagley, Ilana Mysior and Sherman Storr. These musicians had notable success and well known classical performance and teaching careers. KeySlayer has an advanced level of performance, theory, technique, composition, arranging and sight reading ability. He has experience as a musical director, recording/video artist, music copyist, percussionist/drummer, accompanist, band member on percussion/keyboard in concert band, orchestra, symphony and pop music.

Russelle S – Voice Instructor

Russelle was born and raised in Southern California. His first memory of music was when he was young his mother would play the piano and sing when he was going to sleep. He said to himself, “I’m going to learn how to play the piano and sing as well.” While his piano skills are average, he really took a liking to singing and improving his vocal ability.He has performed in many musicals such as The Wizard of Oz, Sleepy Hallow, and Once on this Island. He is currently in the Vocal performance program at Palomar College and has performed in many Recitals as a soloist and also with Professional groups such as the San Diego Master Chorale and the Bach Collegium of San Diego.When he was in High School he was introduced to a vocal coach by his choir director which set him on his path as a musician. It is his dream to offer this same chance to young singers who aren’t sure where or how to start their journey as a vocalist/musician.

song writter teacher san diego Stu Sh – Piano & Music Composition Instructor 

Stu  began teaching piano over 25 years ago and since then, has taught songwriting at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, piano, theory & composition for 14 years at Music Training Center, and 13 years with the Lincoln Center-based enrichment program, The Institute For The Arts in Education.  Stu holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Temple University.
Stu’s career has taken him on tours and performances all over the U.S., as a solo performer, in bands and with the dynamic comedy show, The Original Dueling Pianos. He has written 4 musicals, two of which earned him high critical reviews including, “People to Watch” in San Diego Magazine. He is currently working on a new musical which will premiere in San Diego January. Stu works with kids ages 4 and up and he can start teaching young kids to improvise and write their own music from the early stage.

Guitar lessons del mar David R – Guitar ,Bass ,Drum & Ukulele Instructor 

David has been teaching and performing in the San Diego area for the last 8 years with a mutual love for both the arts and teaching. He has worked in various studios, after school centers, and in homes specifically with ages 5-18+. He has studied under Berklee graduate Daniel Dela Cruz of Slightly Stoopid, and jazz guitarist Bob Boss, where he has learned a wide range of music from blues, rock, funk/soul, jazz, and pop to name a few. Learning anything can be challenging, so David teaches in a patient, understanding, and relatable way to ensure that anyone can achieve their musical goals whether academic or simply for fun.

Piano lessons la jolaNathan L – Piano, Guitar & Drum Instructor

Nate teaches piano and guitar lessons and plays classical piano and rock guitar. He began taking piano lessons at age 6, and in his early teens taught himself to play guitar. Before acquiring his Bachelor’s of Music from Temple University in 2011, he had also begun to hone his vocal, drum, and bass skills. He is a recent Pennsylvania transplant, and has spent his time since graduating instructing private piano, guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons. Nate is a seasoned performer and songwriter, and has played in various original and cover bands throughout the last fifteen years. His teaching style provides a well- rounded musical training founded on the backbone of music theory. His students are encouraged to choose much of their own material, and emphasis is placed on ensemble play, musical thinking, ear training, and other concepts that strive to make music a more meaningful part of the student’s life. Nate is classically trained, rock educated.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKevin P – Guitar Instructor

Kevin has been a guitar instructor for over 20 years in San Diego. He is the author of the ‘Creative Guitarist’ book series, which features several volumes ranging from absolute beginner to more-advanced skill levels. With Kevin’s approach, student’s will be introduced to various playing styles and techniques, with the objective to help students become more self-sufficient in eventually teaching themselves or even writing their own music. Not only will Kevin’s students have the author of their own book sitting directly across from them, they will also have the opportunity to practice along with lessons on their PC or smartphone with accompanying online audio examples for most lessons. Regardless of your age or skill level, it pays to learn from a pro. Take a trial lesson with Kevin, shop and compare instructors, and see who works best for you! 

Piano lessons in San DiegoGary B – Piano Instructor

Gary began his life’s journey in music at twelve years old when he was installed as the accompanist for his church’s senior choir and even though he did not pursue music as a career, choosing work in public service in education and human resources, music has been a constant presence as an avocation, calling, passion used to enable inner peace, and now, livelihood. Gary brings years of experience playing in cover bands, directing small ensembles for stage productions, supporting vocalist, as well as providing music in restaurants, lounges, and clubs throughout Central Pennsylvania. Throughout his life, he has served as lead keyboardist in various worship ensembles for congregations utilizing selections from the song books of both contemporary Christian and black gospel genres. A cherished designation for Gary in recent years was as an Artist in Residence for the Milton Hershey Medical Center in Hershey Pennsylvania providing music for patients, staff, and various events at the hospital. Before leaving Pennsylvania, he had been serving as worship pastor for a medium sized congregation coordinating nearly fifty instrumentalists and singers charged with providing worship for three services each weekend. Gary now combines his love for the piano, his gift for working with people of all ages, and his passion for all types of music, with a deep commitment to equip a new generation of players for the future demands for the music marketplace. Gary is looking to equip keyboardists for bands not yet formed, prepare musicians for congregations not yet planted, or prepare someone for the tasteful accompaniment for an engagement in the future by a vocalist.

Poway Piano instructorJonathan C – Piano Instructor 

Jonathan began playing piano at the age of 4. He received a Bachelor’s in Piano Performance at Hillsdale College, and continued to receive a Master’s in Piano Performance from Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music. From 2013-2016, he was the adjunct instructor of piano and staff accompanist at Hillsdale College. Jonathan has been performing since the late 90’s as soloist and collaborative pianist, and teaching since 2005. He offers classical and contemporary styles, specializing in exam and performance preparation. Along with teaching privately, he currently teaches at a local music school and continues his work as a performing pianist, both locally and abroad.

Poway Vocal lessons Joseph M – Voice Instructor 

Joseph earned his Bachelors Degree in Music, emphasizing in vocal performance courses, from Humboldt State University in 2017. He has been teaching voice for the past 2 years to students of all ages. Joseph strives to bring out the musical potential within his students. His teaching philosophy revolves around developing healthy habits for singing so that the voice is free to express itself naturally and beautifully. Joseph understands that everyone has unique obstacles to overcome; so he caters specific lessons towards the student’s unique voice and goals. Students can expect to learn to practice singing efficiently after just one lesson! Joseph’s typical lesson starts by working out the voice through various warm-ups and kinesthetic movements. Then he will introduce you to some new repertoire so that you can experiment with your voice while trying out new techniques. Joseph’s favorite thing about teaching is the learning process itself. He thrives in a motivated and focused environment. Students love his passionate, patient, and friendly persona.