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Sally Piano Music is now offering music lessons in Orange County. Whether you want to learn from home or in our Orange County studios, music lessons will provide you with many hours of enjoyment and satisfaction. We even sponsor recitals for our students to demonstrate their progress for friends, family and other music lovers.

Sally Piano Music founder Sally Kafaei has worked with over 300 students personally during the past 17 years. Her musical education, background and experience give her an insight into each student’s needs. She knows our teachers personally and is acquainted with their teaching styles, so she can help parents pick the right teacher for their child. The extra care we use in placing students with appropriate teachers gives Sally Piano Music an advantage over many other music schools. Many schools tend to assign teachers and students randomly with little, if any, vetting into personal teaching styles or teacher/student compatibility.    

Our teachers can help you reach your creative goals. Playing a musical instrument or singing improves your posture, motor skills, finger dexterity and boosts your mood. There’s a perception among many people that you have to be a child or teen to take music lessons. The fact is even adults and seniors can learn how to play an instrument and derive hours of enjoyment playing for friends or performing in front of an audience.

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Piano Lessons in Orange County

Our piano lessons in Orange County are taught by qualified teachers. Sally Piano Music instructors have performed in romantic and classical music festivals, jazz clubs, the Hollywood Bowl and other famous venues. Many of our Orange County music teachers are proficient in more than one instrument.

Piano lessons for kids in Orange County focus on basic musical techniques in ways that are enjoyable for students. A child’s first piano lessons consists of lively, familiar tunes, such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or Mary Had a Little Lamb. Popular exercises include playing each white key a few times up the scale and then down the scale, finding  patterns between black and white keys, and  creative activities to identify high and low sounds.

It’s never too late for adults to take piano lessons. Learning to play the piano is easier for adults in some ways, since they can read fluently and have developed critical thinking skills. And playing the piano is a great way to unwind after a busy day at work.

Guitar Lessons in Orange County

Although rock, country and pop music are the most popular genres for guitar lessons, we teach other styles as well. Guitar playing runs the gamut from slide blues (Johnny Winter, Bonnie Raitt), to flamenco (Carlos Montoya, Roni Benise), and acoustic guitar (Johnny Cash, Gretchen Wilson),

During your first few lessons, you’ll learn:

    • How to hold the guitar
    • The names of the strings
    • How to properly place your fingers on the strings and frets
    • Strumming patterns and scales
    • Open chords
    • Fingerpicking
  • Barre chords 

Your teacher will customize music lessons in Orange County to your interests, so the specifics of each lesson varies from student to student. Our guitar instructors have performed at the House of Blues in Anaheim, Café in L.A. and other venues.

Here are a few tips for new students on how to buy an acoustic or electric guitar.

General Guitar Buying Tips 

    • Buy the most appropriate guitar for musical genre you like. A flamenco player and a rock musician need different guitar types.
    • Purchase the best guitar you can afford within your budget. Consider renting or borrowing a quality guitar (or buying one used) if you’re low on cash.
    • An acoustic guitar is easy to transport and doesn’t need an amp.
  • You can experiment with a wider variety of sounds on an electric guitar because of amps, pedals and other effects.

Voice Lessons in Orange County

The voice is the easiest instrument to transport and tune, and singing lessons in Orange County offer health benefits for students of all ages. They include:

  •       Lower blood pressure
  •       Better posture
  •       Improved memory
  •       Tones up your diaphragm and facial muscles
  •       Better cognitive function

There’s more to good singing than opening your mouth and making sounds. Good singing lessons in Orange County combine good technique, consistent practice, and physical conditioning.

Singing scales helps strengthen your voice and determines your vocal range. Singing lessons in Orange County will show you which notes you can sing comfortably, from the lowest to the highest.  You’ll work on making the best of your chest register (low notes), middle register, and head voice (high notes).

Our voice teachers are dedicated, caring professionals who’ll work with you (or your child) to improve vocal range, tone, pitch and strength in lessons that are fun as well as informative.

Violin Lessons in Orange County

The violin is a mystery to most beginning musicians, unlike the guitar and piano. During your first few lessons, your instructor will teach you about different parts of violin, including the pegbox, scroll, F-holes, neck , fingerboard, bridge, and, of course, the body, strings and bow.

For young students, it’s important to keep hands active from the first lesson. Teachers encourage beginners to pluck strings with the right hand pointer finger to familiarize themselves with the instrument. They also learn how to hold the violin in a gentle and relaxed way, without putting pressure on the chin.    

Buying a violin can be expensive. Renting or finding a store with a trade in policy is a good option for both adult students and parents of children who’ll outgrow small violins and need  to move up to a larger size.

Call Sally Piano Music today if you’re interested in Orange County music lessons. Our teachers can come to your home, or you can travel to their home music studios. We offer flexible, seven day a week scheduling options. Fill out our inquiry form or call us at (949)288-6609 for more information.

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