Local Music Lessons in Southern California

Sally Piano Music offers music lessons in our main studio in San Diego and in other locations throughout Southern California. We have experienced local music instructors in Orange County, San Diego and the Riverside County. Our lessons include violin, piano, voice and guitar. Although our focus is on teaching children, we offer lessons to students of all ages.

Sally Piano Music’s founder , Sally Kafaei has taught over 300 students personally during the past 17 years. Her musical education, background and teaching experience help her understand each student’s needs. She knows our instructors personally and is familiar with their teaching methods, so she can help parents choose the right teacher for their child. Student/teacher camaraderie is a critical part of the learning process. With the right instructor, the student will learn faster and feel more comfortable.

In Home or In Studio Music Lessons

At Sally Piano Music, we offer both in-home and studio music classes. You may choose to have in-home music lessons if you own a piano, can’t travel, (or if you’d have to travel too long to get to the studio.) We can help you purchase or rent an upright or digital piano for home lessons and practice. If you’re interested in violin or guitar lessons and don’t own an instrument yet, we can help you with that, too.

Our local music teachers are glad to travel to students’ homes to teach music classes for children or adults.  There are pros and cons to taking music lessons at home. At home, some students feel more relaxed. They won’t need to worry about traffic or a bus ride home. Without outside influences, they feel more comfortable and are better able to focus on their lessons. When taking lessons at a teacher’s home music studio (or other music studio), you won’t need to worry about housemates or pets accidentally interrupting your lesson. In a music studio, there’s always a chance you’ll meet other students as they leave or arrive for lessons and strike up a friendship.

We also offer online vocal lessons on a limited basis. If you have Skype, you can learn how to sing from one of our qualified instructors. This gives students with busy schedules greater flexibility in taking lessons.

Why Sally Piano Music ?

All local music instructors from Sally Piano have professional music degrees, and we hire them only after they’ve attended an in-person interview and passed background and reference checks. Most of our teachers stay with us for years. A lower teacher turnaround means more consistency for students – they won’t need to “break-in” a new instructor.

Our teachers do more than teaching music; they live it. Our teachers have performed in music festivals, toured in Europe and performed live music in many venues, from punk rock clubs to symphony halls. Sally Piano Music teachers include an award-winning violinist, musical theater performer, and the co-founder of a non-profit organization to raise money for school music programs. In addition to teaching correct technique, our instructors give students advice on live performance, songwriting and music theory. This gives students a well-rounded music education.

Sally Piano Music students go on to perform in clubs, as solo artists or as part of rock bands orchestras or choirs. One of our students, Matthew Coufal, won National Honors at the Piano Guild Auditions in 2015. The Piano Guild offers noncompetitive awards for excellence in piano study, with winners going on to be certified or receive scholarships for advanced piano study.  Several students have become songwriters and continued their musical education at UCLA or San Diego State University.

You can read testimonials from students and their parents.

Teacher-Student Matching

Music instructors may have slightly different teaching methods. When selecting a music instructor, you should always ask:

    •  What teaching experience do you have?
    •  Do you take continuing music education classes?
    •  Is there a written class policy and/or workbook?
    •  How do you track student progress? Is there a formal review?
    •  What musical genres do you teach?
    •  Do you use metronomes, software, computers and other instructional material?
    •  How often do you expect students to practice during the week?
  •  Are parents expected to be actively involved in sessions or practice? If so, how?

All students fill out an inquiry form so we get to know your goals and the type of music you want to pursue (country, classical, rock, R & B, etc.). You’ll meet with your prospective teacher and get an idea of what to expect from music classes. Parents enrolling their child in music classes, will have a chance to meet with the music instructors and discuss the curriculum and teaching method(s) before signing their child up for lessons.  

Choose Your Instrument

The best instrument for beginners is the one you really want to learn. Your budget, skill level, and the amount of time you have for practice enter into your decision. Here are a few of the pros and cons of each instrument.


Due to the size of the instrument and children’s physical development, guitar lessons are recommended for children age 7 and up. Younger children can learn guitar if they show the desire and aptitude. If a child has taken piano lessons, it may be easier for them to master guitar.  Guitar playing requires dexterity, hand strength and fine motor skills, but younger children can always learn on a half size guitar fit for their small hands. Older students can learn to play guitar well – it’s just a matter learning how to train your fingers, hands and arms to move correctly, and most important of all, consistent practice.


Playing the piano is easier physically for children. Unlike a guitar or violin, they don’t need to pick it up, hold it, and tune the strings. Digital pianos and electronic keyboards don’t need to be tuned, and upright pianos are in tune before the lesson. Piano classes give children the basics of music theory and sharpen their listening skills. This makes it easier for them to move on to other instruments or voice lessons. It’s never too late to learn how to play the piano for relaxation and enjoyment. Adult piano students find lessons to be a great de-stressor for everyday problems, and with practice they can learn even the most challenging pieces.


A child as young as four or five can take violin lessons. Playing the violin reinforces listening skills, encourages self-discipline through daily practice, and improved finger dexterity. Suzuki method lessons, which require parental involvement, may be time-consuming for busy families.


Voice lessons are fun for students of all ages, and you don’t have to worry about transporting an instrument to class. Vocal lessons build confidence, improve retention, and aid right brain/left brain balance. When you sing, you exercise both the creative (right) and logical (left) sides of the brain. Teens going through puberty need to adjust their voice lessons to accommodate changes in their vocal registers.

Benefits of Taking Music Lessons

Music lessons provide dozens of health benefits, including improved academic and social skills, better self-esteem, better posture and a stronger immune system. It doesn’t matter if you take lessons for fun or to become professional musician, you’ll still reap the physical and emotional benefits of local music lessons.

According to an article in Psychology Today, music classes for kids may increase IQ in both children and adults. 

Music classes for adults have the same effect. A 2012 study showed Alzheimer’s patients who received violin lessons learned rudimentary aspects of the instruments, such as plucking strings, and all of the patients showed experienced better mood, cognition and memoryOlder students my still be able to perform in public, write music or record. Age is no obstacle if you have the will.

Sally Piano Music offers lessons to kids with autism or developmental/educational delay. We’ll introduce autistic or developmentally delayed children to the joy of playing music. Piano classes and other music instruction helps them develop better posture and muscle tone, learn how to master the concept of two hands doing different things, and improve motor skills.  We have special teachers at each location trained to help children with autism and educational delays/IEP.

Contact Sally Piano Music today to learn more about our music classes for adults and kids in Southern California. Fill out our inquiry form  or call us at    (855) 226-8742 for more information.