Sally Piano Music offers music lessons throughout Orange County, San Diego County and Riverside County. Unlike many music schools, we offer more than one location, and give students the option of having a qualified, vetted teacher travel to their home to teach lessons. Our music instructors have their own safe, well-equipped home studios, but if you’re unable to find a compatible teacher in your area, a member of Sally Piano Music’s teaching consortium can come to your house or apartment. At-home music lessons provide a great option if you have a piano at home, and prefer that your children learn piano in San Diego or Orange County with your family piano. You might also rent a piano for practice at home, and want you child to learn on that same piano. Home voice, violin and guitar lessons are also available.  Sally Piano Music organizes shows and recitals for students, so once your child has mastered a few songs, she/ he can perform onstage in front of family, friends and fellow students.

At our music studios, we make sure to use the following time-tested methods to ensure young students’ lessons are more enjoyable and successful.

• We give children a series of successive tasks, where each one is only slightly more difficult than the previous one. This gives kids a sense of accomplishment and prevents frustration from tackling something too difficult too soon.

• Our teachers don’t rush students to learn a certain number of songs or concepts at a given lesson. Instead, instructors nurture your child’s love of music, and encourage learning at a comfortable pace. Every student progresses differently, and teachers adapt their lesson plans accordingly.

• Most kids have a hard time sitting for an entire lesson, so we’ll break up time “on the bench” with activities that require standing or moving around. All parts of the lesson, whether performed at the keyboard or not, are geared toward making piano as fun and fulfilling as possible.

• When explaining concepts to students, teachers use concise descriptions so students won’t get bored or confused. For younger students, we often initiate an activity that lets the student experience the concept’s meaning, followed by an activity that shows the symbol. After the activities, the teacher will verbally explain the term to your child.

If you’re interested in music lessons in Orange County, San Diego or Riverside, fill out our contact form. Many of our instructors are proficient on teaching and playing more than one instrument.

Piano Lessons

Learning piano is the gateway to a fulfilling musical hobby or career for people of all ages. We recommend students begin their studies with Piano in San Diego, Orange County or Riverside County. Sally Piano music offers piano lessons with a special emphasis on teaching children. Teaching a 5 or 10 year old is much different than teaching an adult or teenager, so our instructors take special care with kindergarten or elementary school age students.

Guitar Lessons

If your child is interested in playing guitar like her/his favorite pop or rock star, we can help. Of course, once she/he starts playing, they will discover their own style. We offer guitar lessons to kids, teens and adults in Irvine , Costa Mesa , Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach and most cities in Orange County and San Diego. Children as young as five can learn guitar on a child-size instrument and then move on to a full-sized instrument to continue their lessons. Guitar students can choose from acoustic, bass and electric guitars, though it’s easier for most students to begin lessons on acoustic guitars and then move on to electric or bass guitar.

Violin, Viola and Cello Lessons

Our San Diego, Riverside county and Orange County music school offer classical violin lessons for children. Playing the violin is one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences for a young music student. Your child can study violin at four of five years old. The violin is smaller and easier to handle for young children’s small hands. Our violin teachers will instruct your child on the following points during the first music lessons in Orange County or San Diego.

• Finger placement
• Holding the violin and bow
• Learning the parts of the violin
• Proper posture for playing the instrument
• Arm strengthening exercises
• Reading notes

Violin is a challenging instrument, but with patience, practice and thorough instruction, your child can learn to play Beethoven’s “Theme from Ode to Joy” and other classical pieces. Our violin instructors are well-versed in both traditional and Suzuki methods. Although most beginning violin students are children, we also teach violin to teens and adults. Contrary to popular belief, adults learn music lessons as fast as or faster than kids. Adult students may move more slowly than children, or have more physical tension. A good violin teacher will adjust lessons so an adult student can learn at a comfortable pace.  We also teach viola and cello lessons at all three of our locations – San Diego, Riverside and Orange County.


Voice lessons at our San Diego, Riverside County and Orange County music school will train your child to develop good singing habits. Our instructors teach children to sing within their own range, and practice good breath control. These habits protect your child’s singing and speaking voice well into adulthood. Although many vocal instructors believe students shouldn’t begin voice lessons until after puberty when the voice has matured, some younger students are capable of learning how to sing. When you bring your child in for an interview, the teacher will discuss your child’s goals and determine if the time is right to start lessons.  Voice lessons are excellent for people of all ages, whether the goal is to perform in front of an audience or just have fun at karaoke. Singing lessons improve health by encouraging slow and deliberate breathing. This increases the blood’s oxygen levels. It improves lung capacity, posture, and lowers blood pressure.

Give us a call or email us today to set up an interview with one of our personable and experienced music teachers from our Orange County music school , San Diego Music school or Riverside Music school. We can match you or your child with the perfect instructor for your needs. Check out our teacher profile page to learn more about Sally Piano Music teachers in your area.