Palm Desert Music Lessons

Palm Desert Music Lessons


You have many choices when considering music lessons in Southern California. What differentiates one music studio or teacher from another? What qualities should you look for in a music teacher? At Sally Piano Music, we believe musical ability is only one of the traits to look for in an instructor. Social skills and flexibility are also important for successful teachers.

We look for teachers who know how to customize lesson plans to suit a student’s interests and skill level. Maintaining good student/teacher rapport

and slowly building on topics presented in earlier lessons is integral to the student’s progress. Good teachers know this, and instill a sense of fun and exploration in each lesson. We consider the students’ goals, personality and interests when pairing them with teachers.

The Sally Piano Music staff includes teachers who provide instruction in guitar, bass guitar, violin, voice and, of course, piano. Students can take lessons at their teacher’s home studio, via Skype or webcam, or in the comfort of their own home.

We also provide information about pianos for sale or rent, and conduct music recitals several times a year. These concerts give students a sense of community and allows them to socialize and play music with their peers. Read more about Sally Piano Music from satisfied students on our Yelp page.


Meet a couple of our instructors in the Palm Desert area!

Jeff W

Jeff began his musical journey at the age of 8, studying classical piano, competing in local competitions, performing/entertaining a lot at city functions, dinner banquets and many other upscale events. In his teen years he wasted no time and took up the violin and participated in a reputable chamber string orchestra for the Community School of Music (CSMA) at the University of Redlands; received additional instruction on the Tenor Saxophone and Trumpet in which he participated in various wind ensembles and jazz groups. He was inspired to march and spent 6 years in Drumline playing tenor drums and managed to work up to Drum Captain for 2 years. Composing, arranging and transcribing became a constant hobby in his spare time as a teen and even offered these skills as services for extra income. He has appeared in local newspapers on numerous occasions for his musical endeavors including his orchestra compositions he also conducted at 16 years old. “War Cry” is a piece which was premiered in front of 3,000 people at the “Redlands Bowl”; and “Opening Fanfare” a piece that premiered in front of 7,000 people at “Ted Runner Stadium” on 4th of July. Jeff went on to teaching band for the local school district before transferring to the desert to start music programs such as Drumline, Violin, Piano and Band for the elementary schools. Jeff became the Co-Founder of “Make Your Mark”, a non-profit organization that raises money to keep music in the schools. Jeff is a well-rounded musician with over 15 years of teaching experience between the classroom and private students.