Mira Mesa Music Lessons

Mira Mesa Music Lessons 


You have many choices when considering music lessons in Southern California. What differentiates one music studio or teacher from another? What qualities should you look for in a music teacher? At Sally Piano Music, we believe musical ability is only one of the traits to look for in an instructor. Social skills and flexibility are also important for successful teachers.

We look for teachers who know how to customize lesson plans to suit a student’s interests and skill level. Maintaining good student/teacher rapport

and slowly building on topics presented in earlier lessons is integral to the student’s progress. Good teachers know this, and instill a sense of fun and exploration in each lesson. We consider the students’ goals, personality and interests when pairing them with teachers.

The Sally Piano Music staff includes teachers who provide instruction in guitar, bass guitar, violin, voice and, of course, piano. Students can take lessons at their teacher’s home studio, via Skype or webcam, or in the comfort of their own home.

We also provide information about pianos for sale or rent, and conduct music recitals several times a year. These concerts give students a sense of community and allows them to socialize and play music with their peers. Read more about Sally Piano Music from satisfied students on our Yelp page.


Meet a couple of our instructors in the Mira Mesa area!

Jimmy H

UCLA trained piano teacher. With over 25 years of experience working with young kids and adults, Dr.Jimmy H can help students find love in music and help them become a great piano player. Dr.Jimmy H focuses on teaching the kids the right technique and form as well as getting them the strong foundation in music theory. He participate the Piano Guild audition annually and enroll all his students to get certified. Jimmy has performed at Piano Recital at Amateur Pianist in San Diego and Local Artists of the International Concert Committee in Dhahran where he studied piano under Harriet Bushman* for two years.

Virginia C

As a music Educator, she has served a piano/woodwind teacher in music schools in NY for many years. She helps her students in developing their musicianship and technical skills. Her passion and experience help students of all ages and levels in understanding art of music. Lessons are specifically designed for each student. Students learn to perform in various styles and finger exercises. She also teaches students music history, music theory, ear training to help them understand the content of graded music. She has accompanied students in lessons, ABRSM exam, recitals, audition. She encourages students of all levels to enjoy the beauty of music and to have fun. She also works closely with advanced students for the finer points of touch and interpretation. In 2015 fall, she serves as faculty of Piano School of NYC and Garden Street School of Performing Arts