Del Mar Music Lessons

Del Mar Music Lessons


Sally Piano Music teachers have introduced students to the joys of playing music since 1999. We only hire the best music instructors, and our Yelp reviews and the testimonials on our website are proof of our high standards in selecting teachers.

Knowing how to play an instrument well is just the first prerequisite for a Sally Piano music teacher. We look for people with a good personality and the ability to customize lessons to each student.

Patience is a virtue for everyone, but it is a necessary component for teaching music. All children learn at a different pace. A slow learner may grow up to be a concert pianist! Sally Piano’s patient music teachers know practice makes perfect. They will organize lessons to fit your child’s progress.

The Sally Piano staff will be happy to accommodate students if they want to change teachers and work with someone more compatible with their interests and learning style. (Although we specialize in teaching children, we take the same care when matching teen and adult students with a compatible instructor.)

Some students feel more comfortable playing music in a familiar environment, so we offer students the choice of lessons in their home or in their instructor’s home studio.

Every season, children get to share their musical accomplishments with friends, fellow students and family at a recital. They’ll also receive a certificate of accomplishment as proof of their newfound skills.


Meet a couple of our instructors in the Del Mar area!

Rachael F

Rachael began playing piano at the age of seven, and this foundation quickly led her to learn more and more instruments – first clarinet, saxophone, and vibraphone, then acoustic and electric guitar, then drum kit and violin. In 2010 she was accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston as a piano major where she furthered her instrumental studies and developed a passion for orchestral composition and film scoring. After graduating in 2012, her work with the Chicago Symphonietta led her to Chicago where she began writing music for advertisements, including brands such as Fisher Price, Allstate, and Nintendo. In addition to ad agency work, she also composed scores for short films, one of which was recently screened at Pasadena International Film Festival and awarded Best Short Comedy at Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles. Her current passion is for drums and she enjoys seeking new styles and challenging grooves. She primarily teaches piano and enjoys working with beginners and introducing new concepts in a simple, straightforward way, and hopes to inspire a love for music in her students.

Elizabeth S

Elizabeth has recently moved to Carmel Valley with her family from Germany .
Born in Pennsylvania, but raised and educated in Scotland. Elizabeth completed her Master’s degree in German language and literature at the University of Edinburgh, where she also played in the Edinburgh University Symphony Orchestra and sang in the University Chorus.
After her studies in Edinburgh, she gave in to her first love and was delighted to be accepted on to the Music Education program of Cologne University, Germany, where she studied for 5 years and completed a joint Master’s degree in Music and English. She majored in piano and organ with violin and voice as her minors. A teacher training diploma complemented these studies. She gained her doctorate in Music History in 2001 from the University of Cologne.
She has been a Music and English teacher at German grammar schools for many years and has recently been teaching at university level and has also conducted the Sport University Chorus for 8 years.
She has been an independent piano and violin teacher for over 25 years and prides herself in still keeping in touch with most of her prodigies!. She adapts instrumental learning programs to the ability and preferences of each child. She is passionate about making
music fun and accessible and believes in instrinsic motivation in music.