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Do you like oldies music from the 1960s and 1970s or hits by current pop singers like Beyonce or Adele? Or are you more of an opera aficionado, anxious to sing arias from The Magic Flute? Maybe you’re inspired by rock guitarists Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton or the jazz of Django Reinhardt. Or maybe you’re looking into violin or piano lessons for your child. If you live in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Qunita , Indio or other cities in the region, Sally Piano Music offers  music lessons for children and adults. Students travel to their instructor’s home music studio for lessons, or the instructor can conduct lessons in the student’s home.

Sally Piano Music CEO Sally Kafaei has taught over 300 students personally during the past 17 years. Her musical education and experience help her understand each student’s needs. She knows our instructors personally and is familiar with their teaching methods, so she can help parents choose the right teacher for each child. Student/teacher matching is a critical part of the learning process. With the right instructor, the student will learn faster and feel more comfortable.

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Piano Lessons in Riverside 

Piano lessons in Riverside County are suitable for students of all ages. Piano lessons are the springboard to other instruments, and learning to play the piano is one of the best values for music lessons in Riverside County. Over time, they pay for themselves. Piano lessons help children become more confident and develop self-discipline. Children who study music do better in school, are more confident, and better able to focus and retain information. If you have a piano at home, encourage your child to experiment with it before starting formal lessons. This will familiarize him or her with the sound and mechanics and make the first lesson less daunting.

During your introductory piano lessons, you’ll learn about notes and chords, starting with middle C, which is right in the middle of the piano keyboard.  You’ll learn about the patterns of the black keys and the alphabetical name of the white notes. Riverside music lessons are customized to the needs of the student, and the pace of the lesson depends on your skill level and interest. There’s no set lesson plan that all students must learn, Riverside music teachers adapt piano exercises to fit each individual student.  

Guitar lessons in Riverside 

Riverside guitar lessons are designed with the student’s particular interests in mind. Our instructors can focus on acoustic, classical or electric guitar depending on the student’s musical goals.

You’ll learn  : 

  • Notes, chords and proper fingering
  • Playing in time (you’ll need to play along with a metronome at first)
  • How to listen carefully when you practice, and notice when you’re out of tune or when all strings aren’t sounding clearly 
  • How to read music

Students may choose to focus on rhythm or lead guitar.  A rhythm guitarist plays chords to add melody or rhythm to the song.  A lead guitarist plays notes, riffs and solos to add effects to a song or fill in during vocal breaks.

We teach guitar to children 6 and up, when motor skills and dexterity have developed, Arrange an interview with one of our Riverside music teachers to determine the best approach for teaching your child.

Whatever musical genre or guitar you use, our guitar teachers can help you reach your musical goals and encourage you to become a better, more creative player. Most of all, our guitar lessons are fun, with a focus on the songs and artists you love. Riverside music lessons are geared toward your goals and interests.

Voice Lessons in Riverside 

Have fun and ignite your creativity with singing lessons in Coachella Valley. If singing at a crowded karaoke bar isn’t challenging enough for you and you want to take your vocal skills to a professional level, take singing lessons to help strengthen your technique. Our teachers offer lessons in all styles, from musical theater and opera to rock and country. We’ll help you determine your range, whether your voice is light (bright and flexible) or heavy (rich and powerful), timbre (vocal quality), your transition between chest (low notes) throat (mid-range) and head (high notes).

You’ll practice scales, do breathing exercises, how to articulate and project your voice. Your teacher will ensure that you have a relaxed, natural posture, with keeping your chin level, head up, shoulders sloped and relaxed, and knees loose.

Even with all those parts to piece together, learning to sing is one of the best things you can do for your self-esteem and social life. Whether you want to sing in a choir, a musical a rock band or audition for America’s Got Talent, we can help you bring out the best in your singing voice.

Violin Lessons in Riverside 

Children can start violin lessons as early as three years, but be sure they are able to sit through a structured lesson. Violin teachers may use traditional or Suzuki methods to teach students.  The Suzuki method is often used for teaching children as young as three years old to play violin. It focuses on teaching students how to play the instrument first, before emphasizing note-reading. Parents are often present during lessons and take an active part in practice sessions. During traditional violin lessons, children learn pieces by reading musical notes, and parents don’t typically attend lessons.

A 2008 study at Harvard showed young violin students score higher on vocabulary tests and Raven’s Progressive Matrices, a nonverbal group test measuring reasoning and problem-solving ability.

Violin lessons for adults teach you to play some of your favorite classical pieces, and they offer side benefits, too. When you begin violin lessons, your arms will tire easily, but you’ll eventually build arm and upper body strength. Taking violin lessons also improves posture and boosts coordination and motor skills.

Sally Piano Music offers Riverside private music lessons in teachers’ home studios or in the privacy of your home. We have flexible, seven day a week scheduling options.

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