Most common Questions asked about starting with music lessons:

  • How does the enrollment process work?

    Please fill out our lesson inquiry form and we will contact you within 24 hours. We will match you with a teacher in your area and set up an introductory lesson to make sure your instructor is a good match for you or your children

  • Where are the music teachers located?

    Instructors will teach lessons in your home or in studios located throughout San Diego County , Orange County and Riverside area .

  • At what age can my child start to study music?

    Most children can start private lessons as young as 3 years old, depending on their attention span, interest, and developmental readiness. Some instruments, such as guitars or woodwinds, are more tailored to students 7 or 8 years old and older, mostly because of the size of the instrument and physical development of the student. We teach students of all ages, including adults.

  • What is the best instrument for children (or adults) beginning music lessons?

    We recommend all students to start their music education with Piano/Keyboard in order to develop a solid foundation of music theory and techniques. Piano lessons foster children’s natural creative ability, help them focus, develop perseverance and may even increase their IQ!

  • Should I buy or rent the instrument?

    It depend on your budget, lesson goals, and the type of instrument. Contact Sally Piano Music for your free consultation with one of our professional and knowledgeable staff.

  • How long and how frequent are the lessons?

    We recommend our young students ages 4-7 start with 30 minutes once or twice a week. Older students or intermediate level can start with 45 minutes and our beginner adult can start with 60 minutes. Since the lessons are designed around each student, your teacher may recommend a longer lesson as the student improves or multiple lessons within the same week.

  • Do you offer exams and certificate for music students?

    To create opportunity in which students may share their music we offer our advanced students to participate in the Certificate of Merit program , Piano Guild and  other music certificate programs.

  • How does “Sally Piano Music “choose the right instructor for my child or me?

    At Sally Piano Music you will be matched with a teacher depending on your music background, age and interest level. Sally Piano Music has multiple instructors in each area and you can set up introductory lessons with one or more of our knowledgeable instructors to make sure she/he is a right match.

  • Does “Sally Piano Music “offer recitals?

    Sally Piano Music offers formal recitals and mini recitals. Your teacher will inform you in advance of the times and dates. Recitals and performances serve as great motivation, and as an opportunity to demonstrate progress. Parents, relatives, and friends are all welcome to attend.Trophies, prizes and receptions are provided at the Formal Recitals as well.

  • How much do the lessons cost?

    Lesson tuition varies depending on the length, location, and type of lessons. Family discounts are also available. Please complete the music lesson inquiry, or call for more information.

  • What method of payments can I use?

    We accept any major credit card or debit card. An automatic recurring monthly charge/debit can be set up. If necessary, call in payment monthly when you receive your invoice. Please call for more details.

  • What is your mailing address and phone number?

  • San Diego : 12364 Carmel County Rd , San Diego , CA 92130
  • Orange County : 3726 Sausalito Ave, Irvine, CA 92606
  • Coachella Valley : 82801 Angels Camp Dr, Indio, CA 92203
  • Phone (858)552-0822
  • Toll Free (855) CA MUSIC ( 226-8742)
  • How often should I practice?

    If possible, choose the same time and duration each day. For example, each day immediately after school for a minimum of 20-30 Minutes. If you miss a day here and there don’t be concerned. You could also try splitting the practice time into 2 equal sessions of 15 minutes –in the morning and afternoon.

  • How do I encourage my child to practice?

    Sit with your child for the first few months if possible. For those younger children, call it “Play time” not “Practice time”. Children need help in developing discipline to practice on their own.

  • How do I cancel scheduled lessons?

    You can contact your instructors within 24 hours to cancel your lessons and schedule a makeup session.

  • How do I discontinue the lessons?

    You may discontinue lessons at any time with 30 days written notice to Sally Piano Music. You can email us at sk@sallypiano.com or call us at 858-552-0822.  Sally Piano Music is open seven days a week for your convenience.