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Over 18 Years of Successful Students in Southern California 

Sally Piano Music has been providing quality music lessons to students via private and group lessons since 1999. We offer the convenience of learning in your home or in one of our studio locations in San Diego, Orange County and Riverside County. The age range of students who have learned piano or other instruments and read music at Sally Piano Music spans from 3-4 years to the senior citizen. The skill level of our new students range from beginners who have never laid hands on a piano to advanced pianists who simply want to improve their skills. Sally Piano Music provides a supportive atmosphere for kids of all ages to learn music with the most creative and highly-qualified instructors in San Diego, Orange County and Riverside County. We work with knowledgeable and friendly teachers who design a unique custom plan for the students to meet their needs and goals and more importantly, they make the experience fund and exciting!

About the Founder and Director of Sally Piano Music

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Sally Kafaei is an accomplished musician and the founder of Sally Piano Music, a large independent music studio in Southern California. Sally is a highly experienced pianist and teacher dedicated to enriching the lives of others through music.

Sally has a Piano Performance degree from Eastern Michigan University where she studied under Dr. Garik Pedersen. She has over 17 years of experience teaching Piano , music theory and basic composition to children ages 3 and up and adults at all skill levels, from beginners playing for enjoyment to aspiring professional musicians.

Sally has an approach to teaching that is fun and varied according to the needs and personalities of the students and she has engaged her philosophy in her music studio throughout years .


Sally Piano Music Recitals

At Sally Piano, we feel it’s important to create a sense of musical community, so we host several music recitals each year. At our February recital, students receive trophies and prizes celebrating their accomplishments, followed by a reception with Sally Piano Music instructors, friends and family. We showcase students’ progress every October with a Halloween-themed music recital, and mark the end of the school year with another music recital in June.

Sally Piano Music Instructors

At Sally Piano Music, we pride ourselves on our ability to attract, retain and support some of the most talented music teachers in Southern California. Teachers customize lesson plans to each student’s interests and ability, and most of all, we make learning music fun. Every one of our music teachers is qualified to provide your child with the very best and unique music lessons. We also support teachers who are eager to learn more and expand their knowledge through seminars and music workshops. 

Our music school in Orange County, San Diego and Riverside County is actually a consortium of teachers from the area. We interview prospective instructors and check references thoroughly to make sure we only hire the best. Choose from world-class teachers with experience in new age, contemporary rock and classical music. You can be sure your child is taking music lessons from a patient, personable teacher.

Take Music Lessons When and Where You Want
At Sally Piano Music, we believe in making students as comfortable as possible so they can learn more efficiently. Choose lessons in your home or your teacher’s home music studio. We currently have experienced teachers in San Diego, Riverside County and Orange County. Since we don’t rely on one central location for music lessons, our students spend less time traveling or waiting for another student to finish before starting to play music. You can make the most of your time and your lesson. If you live in Orange County, we offer music lessons in many locations including Costa Mesa, Irvine, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, New Port, Santa Ana, Mission Viejo and Tustin. Our teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals. Your instructor will talk with you about what music you like and gear lessons to what you want, not some generic template.

Fostering Creativity in Young Students
We’re devoted to bringing out the creativity in young students by making learning fun. Our teachers have a “go with the flow” attitude, and can alter lesson plans to accommodate whatever song a child wants to learn.  Beginning students may only be able to play a few notes of their favorite songs at first, but they’ll get immense satisfaction from every small accomplishment. Eventually, every lesson’s success will add up to the student’s first recital, and maybe lead to a fulfilling hobby or even a career performing music.  We’ve dispensed with the old-fashioned notion of the stern piano teacher. Our instructors don’t have a “one-size-fits-all” approach to teaching. Our Piano lessons in Orange County, San Diego and Riverside County combine technical and creative aspects of learning the instrument, so children never get bored.

We Teach Toddlers to Teens
Sally Piano Music instructors are skilled in determining how to customize piano lessons to adapt to a child’s musical skills and interests, but they also know have the patience to handle nervous or shy students.  The best time to nurture a love of music in children is from birth to nine years old. Play music and sing songs at home to prepare your child for toddler music classes San Diego, or lessons closer to your home. The earlier you expose your child to music at home, the sooner they can start formal music lessons. When your child’s hands have become large enough to comfortably handle a keyboard, you can sign him of her up for piano lessons in Orange County, Riverside County or San Diego County.  Some children show a desire for music at a young age while others need to be coaxed to take lessons. If your child seems more interested in video games than picking up a musical instrument, slowly introduce them to an instrument. You can even use video games like Guitar Hero to familiarize your child with the basics of playing an instrument. There are interactive musical programs for piano and even violin. These programs help your children learn theory, and can whet their appetites for playing a real-life instrument.  The best age to begin piano lessons in Orange County varies from child to child. Most of our beginning students are five to eight years old, though some may be as young as three.  Teens interested in playing (or singing) rock or pop music can use music lessons as a stepping stone to forming or joining a band or writing original songs. Our teachers can adapt lessons to help older students work on original material or prepare for recording their own songs.

Learning how to play music or sing opens up a world of creativity and possibility for students of all ages! Contact us today to get started on your musical journey. Here are a few of our music studios in Orange County (Orange county piano lessons), San Diego (San Diego Piano Lessons) and Coachella Valley (Palm Spring piano lessons, Palm Desert piano lessons, La Quinta piano lessons and Indio piano lessons).