Scientific researches proved that letting babies listen to music in mothers’ womb will improve constitution and intelligence, creative ability and ability in showing emotion of babies. Researches show that, in pregnancy, if you regularly let babies listen to some song, babies will be attracted by that sound when they cry after being born. This thing proves that music affects studying ability of babies in mothers’ womb.


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According to researches, from the 16th week, fetus begins to feel sounds from outside. Therefore, the most ideal time for babies to listen to music is 16-20th weeks of pregnancy.

How much is sufficient for babies to listen to music?

The time isn’t over 20 minutes for each time. Every day, you can let babies listen to music 2-3 times.

When should you let babies listen to music?

Pregnant women should know that babies often sleep when their mothers operate and they will awake when mothers relax. Therefore, mothers should choose time for listening to music when babies wake up. This is the most suitable time, because at this time, babies can feel sound from their mothers more. Mothers can choose time for listening music before going to bed or the time when you lie and relax on your bed.

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