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Offering in-home and in-Studio Music Lessons 

Sally Piano Music is a full-service music school that has taught over 5000 students in San Diego County, Orange County and Riverside County since 1999. We have several music studios in the San Diego metro area , Orange County  and Riverside offering piano, voice, violin and guitar lessons. Our highly-qualified teachers can teach in students’ home or at one of our studio locations. We offer lessons to students of all ages, but we specialize in introducing children to the rewarding world of playing and performing music. We recommend children begin their music training with piano. Piano lessons are the foundation for building many musical careers or hobbies and it’s the easiest instrument for young children to master. Music lessons boost children’s confidence, stimulating their brain power and giving them a positive outlet for self-expression. Children’s music lessons at Sally Piano Music last 30 or 45 minutes, once or twice a week, However older beginners, adults and advanced students can take 60 minutes lesson once a week.
Our instructors are music majors with experience teaching music to children and adults. Teachers customize lesson plans to each student’s interests and ability, and most of all, we make learning music fun. We interview potential music teachers face-to-face, and conduct background and reference checks before hiring them. Most of our teachers stay with us long-term, which provides continuity and a better learning experience for students.


Sally Piano Music – The #1 San Diego Music Studio

The dedicated teachers at Sally Piano offer music instruction to students at all levels. We don’t have a set curriculum or grading process. Our San Diego music school is designed to be accommodating for beginners as well as advanced musicians.  Anyone can play music and reap the social, creative and mental benefits of learning an instrument. We don’t offer just one studio location in San Diego, like many other schools. Find a teacher located close to your home and minimize travel time.
Look for a private music teacher resume that includes training from well-known music colleges and/or previous teaching experience. Regardless of musical expertise, your child’s teacher should have a relaxed manner and make him or her feel at ease during lessons. Learning to play an instrument is a challenge, but it should be fun as well.  A teacher’s technical musical knowledge is only one aspect of a good learning experience. Our friendly and highly qualified instructors have performed in orchestras, jazz clubs and church choirs. Their familiarity performing live enables them to prepare students for recitals and showcases.
We also teach electric and acoustic guitar in all styles. Whether you like folk, rock, pop or country, our teachers can help you learn all your favorite songs. Bring in your favorite sheet music and soon you’ll be playing or singing a beloved tune instead of just listening to it.  If you don’t own your own instrument, we can help you find the best deal on pianos. There are many music shops where you can rent grand or portable pianos for practice and for your in-home lessons. You can purchase musical instruments, including guitars, bass guitars, violins and drums from Musicians Friend in San Diego or online stores. We recommend, however, that you buy guitars or other instruments in person, so you can get a feel for the instrument before using it. If your child is taking lessons, it might be a good idea to rent an instrument or buy it used. Children may need to sample a few different instruments before finding the one that suits their personality.

Introducing Sally Piano’s Orange County Music School

If you live in the OC, open up a whole new world of creativity and fun for your child with music lessons in Orange County from Sally Piano Music. Sally Piano Music teachers have taught music in Orange County County since 1999. We’ve taught over 1000 students in Orange County and Riverside County how to play and sing, and now we’re offering the same friendly, personalized lessons to kids (and adults) in Orange County. Your child won’t need to travel far for piano lessons in Orange County. We have teachers throughout the county. If you prefer in-home lessons, a teacher can even travel to you. We offer more than piano instruction. Sally Piano Music has instructors who can teach your child guitar, violin, or voice. Kids have an intense curiosity and creativity, and our instructors will help your child discover the joy of playing music. We can also offer drum lessons in  Orange County or other instruments, depending on teacher availability. Contact us for details.

Although we specialize in teaching children, we also offer instruction in our Orange County musical studios for adults and seniors. It’s never too late to learn an instrument, and our teachers can tailor lessons around your needs. Sally Piano Music makes piano lessons for adults fun. You will look forward to your lesson every week. If you’re looking for music lessons in Orange County at an affordable price, we can help. Choose how often you want to have lessons, and how much time you want to spend at each session (30, 45 or 60 minutes). Our teachers have studios conveniently located to provide instruction anywhere in the Orange County, including piano lessons in Costa Mesa. Take music lessons when you want and where you want with Sally Piano Music.

Guitar and piano lessons help you unwind from a busy week at work, and use your creativity. It can make you feel happier and add to your zest for life. You don’t need to be a virtuoso to experience the positive effects of piano lessons in Orange County. Don’t want to play an instrument, but still love music? Take voice lessons instead. Learning how to sing will improve your speaking voice and give you more confidence for other activities. Studies show singing and performing in front of an audience offer students of all ages physical, social and psychological benefits.

Call us today or use our online contact form to learn about our music program in our Orange County locations.

Sally Piano Music Lessons for Kids and Adults in Riverside County

If you live in Riverside County, “The Inland Empire”, our piano teachers can travel to your home or teach private lessons in our studios. Our instructors offer music lessons in Riverside County for kids four to seven years old once or twice a week. Older kids and teens can start with a 45-minute class, while adults usually prefer 60 minute classes (although 30 and 45 minute classes are available for adults, too).
Beginning students are more comfortable learning piano before taking guitar, drum or violin lessons in Riverside County. Piano studies help students master music theory and prepares them for guitar, which requires more physical dexterity. Guitar lessons in Palm Desert and throughout Riverside County can focus on acoustic, electric or bass guitar. We also provide voice lessons in Indio, La Quinta, Palm Desert, Cathedral City and Palm Spring for aspiring rock, pop or opera singers. Let us know what type of music interests you, and we’ll match you with a teacher in Palm Springs who can help you sing your favorite songs in your key. You can bring your own sheet music, or use sheet music from your teacher’s collection.
Piano lessons in Coachella Valley are just a phone call or email away. Contact us today to get started on your musical journey.

Whether you live in San Diego, Orange County or Riverside County, our teachers will help your children develop a lifelong love of music. You can read testimonials from happy parents about their children’s progress at the bottom of this page or on our testimonials page.


Sally Piano Music has inspired my daughter to love music


My 4 years old daughter naturally loves to play the piano. She had two other teachers before we met Sally and they were not able to help my daughter to keep her focused and have fun /enjoy the piano lesson. With Sally, my daughter became excited every week to go to piano class and practices at home on her own. Sally has a way of inspiring my daughter to love playing the piano even more. My daughter is always excited for the recitals (they have 3 this year), which is very helpful to promote self confidence at young age. Sheri, another teacher with Sally, is now my daughter’s piano teacher that comes in our house. She is also very good and very patient. My daughter likes the fact that Sheri makes her create her own music and plays it on the next class. Both  are highly recommended!



Alma Adajar piano lessons

We absolutely love our instructor


I’ve been with Sally piano for a year now and absolutely love our instructor John, he is patient, fun, never mad, on time and very polite! My daughter is very happy and making  good progress! Thank you Sally!



Susanna Parma piano lessons

Extremely happy with the results


Sally was recommended to us by several of our friends whose daughters were already taking piano lessons from her. My seven year old daughter started taking lessons several months ago and I have been extremely happy with her results. Not only is she progressing quickly but Sally is a great role model. She is warm and friendly and my daughter looks forward to her lessons every week.



Linda Schrag piano lessons

I highly recommend Sally to anyone at any age


While many piano instructors teach children, I had difficulty finding someone willing to have me (an adult) as a student. I tried two different teachers before finally hearing about Sally. Her lessons focus on the basics (like scales and lessons from technique books), as well as full songs. She breaks the songs into manageable portions, so I am never overwhelmed and notice my progress from week to week. Her approach works. I am getting better at reading notes and I think I sound better too. I highly recommend Sally to anyone, at any age, who needs a piano teacher.



Darlanne Mulmat piano lessons

Ms. Sally has been a wonderful teacher


Ms. Sally has been a wonderful teacher for my two girls (ages 5 and 7). My oldest daughter started about a year ago and Sally’s big smile and gentle nature with her has made piano lessons a highlight of our week. So much so that my younger daughter begged and begged to have piano lessons with Ms. Sally as well. I am amazed at how Sally has taught them not only to play and read music, but that she has given them a love of music. It almost seems that they can’t walk past a piano without playing a little something.



Jenna MacRae piano lessons

6 years experience with Sally Piano Music !


Sally has been the piano teacher for my son since he was 7 years old (now 13) and for my daughter since she was 6 (now 10). Both my children have learned to play well under Sally’s patient and gentle yet firm instruction. Sally creates an appreciation for music and is a very accomplished pianist herself. She has helped coach my daughter in her interests in composing her own music, and is flexible in allowing the kids to learn and play music they enjoy. Sally is wonderful with kids; we have enjoyed working with her over the years and have benefited from her skilled teaching.



Ellen Wu piano lessons

I’m very satisfied


Both my daughters have been learning piano from Sally & I must say that Sally has instilled a deep love for music & piano in them through her gentle way of teaching. They love this class & it has been a worthwhile journey with Sally for both of them.



Sunita Bhadada piano lessons

Very happy with my daughter’s progress


Jasmine started teaching my daughter for about six months. In this short period of time, not only I am happy with the results but also I am very astonished when I see my daughter can read notes and play Piano.This is amazing. This shows how well she knows teaching Piano.Thanks you Jasmine and Sally piano music.



Saeid Sarir piano lessons