Vocal Lessons For Kids and Adults 

Students may enroll in voice lessons at Sally Piano Music to study any style of singing – from pop, rock and jazz to musical theater and opera. We believe that anyone can learn how to sing if they are trained to use their instrument properly.
You can learn to sing at any age! We offer voice lessons for children 5 and up, teens, adults and senior citizens. Our teachers customize lesson plans to fit each student’s needs.
Our vocal instruction emphasizes the development of proper technique to protect the voice, improve sound projection and help gain confidence for personal enjoyment and/or public performance. Students learn how to increase their range and utilize basic posture, proper breath support, and correct diction. Emphasis is also placed on stage etiquette, poise, and presence.
You’ll practice scales, learn the difference between head voice and chest voice, discover your best key (vocal range), sight read and learn to train your ear to achieve proper pitch.
Singing improves your confidence and speaking voice, even your social poise! Whether you want to sing professionally or just sound better at karaoke, voice lessons at Sally Piano Music will help you achieve your goal.
Our voice teachers in San Diego, Orange County and Coachella Valley  have music degrees, and many of them sing professionally. We pre-screen our instructors, and take time to match voice students with the best teacher for their interests.

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