Violin , Cello and Viola Lessons 

The violin is a classical instrument favored for its warmth and versatility. Sally Piano Music offers violin lessons for children ages 4 and up and adults. Students learn how to play compositions by Mozart, Beethoven and other masters. However, there’s a trend toward using the violin in jazz and modern music, and some students may choose to learn these pieces in addition to the classics.
The violin is a wonderful first stringed instrument for children due to its unfixed intonation. The finger’s location on the string creates the tuning. This accelerates ear training skills and makes it easier for students to move on to the guitar, bass or other stringed instruments. Unlike the guitar, which requires long fingers to reach certain chords, it is perfect for young children’s small hands. Our instructors can use the Suzuki Method to teach violin by ear, or the traditional method, which stresses reading music and theory. Violins may be too expensive for some beginning students, but they are available for rent from many music shops.
Our violin teachers are classically trained and have advanced degrees in music. We interview teachers in person and check references to ensure only the most dedicated and experienced instructors work with our students.

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