Piano And Keyboard lessons 

We are  called Sally Piano music for a reason! Although we teach other instruments, the piano is the cornerstone of our school. It is the mother of all instruments, and the easiest to learn for both children and adults. Piano lessons bring out a passion for music in our students, and leads to a desire to learn other instruments.
Learning how to play the piano is a rite of passage for many children. Sally Piano accepts students 3 years and up. Piano lessons foster children’s natural creative ability, help them focus and develop perseverance, and may even increase their IQ!
It’s never too late to learn piano! We offer piano lessons for adults and seniors. Whether you want to learn for fun, or to compose music or perform, we can help you achieve your goals. Our teachers can conduct piano lessons on digital keyboards. For children and some adults, an electronic keyboard is a good place to start. It is always in tune, and can be moved to any room in the home (or easily transported to another location), for lessons or practice. As a student’s skill level increases, we recommend lessons on a full-sized piano. You can rent a piano or buy one used if cost is a concern. Your instructor will help you choose which best piano is best for your needs – upright or digital, new or used. Sally Piano Music works with a few music stores and wholesalers in San Diego, and we can get good deals on new or used pianos for our students.
If you are interested in buying or renting a piano, use the inquiry form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Our piano instructors have music degrees as well as extensive teaching experience. We only hire the best piano teachers in San Diego. All Sally Piano teachers must attend an in-person interview and pass reference and background checks before joining our staff.

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