Guitar Lessons For Electric, Bass and Acoustic Guitar 

Sally Piano Music offers guitar lessons in a variety of different styles such as classical, jazz, rock, blues, pop and Flamenco guitar. Whether you are interested in learning your favorite artists’ songs or just want to learn guitar basics, we can help you find the perfect instructor. We teach guitar to children ages 6 and up, teens and adults.
Our guitar teachers will help you choose the best guitar for the type of music you want to play. For example, Spanish and flamenco guitars are wide-necked, hollow-bodied acoustic guitars with nylon strings. Electric guitars have solid bodies with steel strings, and must be plugged into an amplifier to be heard.
You’ll learn how to hold and tune your guitar, play single notes clearly and master open chords. As you improve, you’ll move on to practice scales, barre chords and chord progressions. Our teachers adapt lessons to your interests, so a student who wants to play in a hard rock band may not need to learn all the complex chords a jazz guitarist must master. You’ll learn to improvise and read music.
Some of our guitar teachers are members of performing bands, and they can give you tips on “jamming” with other guitarists and performing in front of an audience. We can teach you to play in a jazz ensemble, rock band or collaborate with another guitarist to write songs.
All our guitar teachers have music degrees and experience teaching aspiring guitarists of all ages. If you’re interested in guitar lessons, fill out our request form and we’ll match you with a great guitar teacher in your city.
 Inspiring YouTube videos of our greatest guitarists :
Latin Guitar Master  Carlos Santana 
Classic Guitar Master  Andrés Segovia
Flamenco Guitar Master  Paco de Lucía
Rock and Blues Guitar Mater  Eric Clapon 

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