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We are very blessed in having found Sally!!


We moved here four years ago and interviewed several piano teachers for our daughter. Sally’s professionalism and dedication stood out and we have loved our decision to go with her! Our daughter loves her and her style of teaching and has gone from a good pianist to an amazing one. We LOVE listening to her play and its all because of Sally’s hard work! We are very blessed in having found Sally!!



Asal Zandy piano lessons March 18, 2016

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Very happy with my daughter’s progress


Jasmine started teaching my daughter for about six months. In this short period of time, not only I am happy with the results but also I am very astonished when I see my daughter can read notes and play Piano.This is amazing. This shows how well she knows teaching Piano.Thanks you Jasmine and Sally piano music.



Saeid Sarir piano lessons March 18, 2016

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Sally Piano Music has inspired my daughter to love music


My 4 years old daughter naturally loves to play the piano. She had two other teachers before we met Sally and they were not able to help my daughter to keep her focused and have fun /enjoy the piano lesson. With Sally, my daughter became excited every week to go to piano class and practices at home on her own. Sally has a way of inspiring my daughter to love playing the piano even more. My daughter is always excited for the recitals (they have 3 this year), which is very helpful to promote self confidence at young age. Sheri, another teacher with Sally, is now my daughter’s piano teacher that comes in our house. She is also very good and very patient. My daughter likes the fact that Sheri makes her create her own music and plays it on the next class. Both  are highly recommended!



Alma Adajar piano lessons March 18, 2016

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6 years experience with Sally Piano Music !


Sally has been the piano teacher for my son since he was 7 years old (now 13) and for my daughter since she was 6 (now 10). Both my children have learned to play well under Sally’s patient and gentle yet firm instruction. Sally creates an appreciation for music and is a very accomplished pianist herself. She has helped coach my daughter in her interests in composing her own music, and is flexible in allowing the kids to learn and play music they enjoy. Sally is wonderful with kids; we have enjoyed working with her over the years and have benefited from her skilled teaching.



Ellen Wu piano lessons March 18, 2016

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I highly recommend Sally to anyone at any age


While many piano instructors teach children, I had difficulty finding someone willing to have me (an adult) as a student. I tried two different teachers before finally hearing about Sally. Her lessons focus on the basics (like scales and lessons from technique books), as well as full songs. She breaks the songs into manageable portions, so I am never overwhelmed and notice my progress from week to week. Her approach works. I am getting better at reading notes and I think I sound better too. I highly recommend Sally to anyone, at any age, who needs a piano teacher.



Darlanne Mulmat piano lessons March 18, 2016

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Great progress for my Son !


My son has been learning Piano with Sally for a year now. His piano skills has improved a lot compare to a year ago. Almost all my friends felt his progress. Now I am so excited to send my younger daughter together with my son to learn piano with Sally this Fall.



Kathy Liu Piano lessons March 18, 2016

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We absolutely love our instructor


I’ve been with Sally piano for a year now and absolutely love our instructor John, he is patient, fun, never mad, on time and very polite! My daughter is very happy and making  good progress! Thank you Sally!



Susanna Parma piano lessons March 18, 2016

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I’m very satisfied


Both my daughters have been learning piano from Sally & I must say that Sally has instilled a deep love for music & piano in them through her gentle way of teaching. They love this class & it has been a worthwhile journey with Sally for both of them.



Sunita Bhadada piano lessons March 18, 2016